Paul Capestany

Ex-neuroscience researcher turned techie. Obsessive optimizer.

On the Hill

21 May 2012

I recently had the chance to meet with various senators, congress members, and the United States’ Chief Technology Officer to be a part of discussions surrounding the increasingly hot topic of privacy vis-à-vis technology, and more specifically—mobile apps.

ACT Fly-In Group Photo

The great folks at the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) had reached out to me after seeing what I was working on to ask if I’d join them on Capitol Hill. Their blog post summarizes the thrust of what we were there for nicely. In short, this is the message ACT wants to spread:

“The pace of innovation that is taking place right now in the app economy is remarkable. Washington should avoid taking steps that would unnecessarily hinder the continued growth of our industry.”

I couldn’t agree more.